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P+W Metallbau is part of the economic and growth region of Lake Constance, Upper Swabia, centre of the so-called Schüttgut Valley (i.e. bulk goods valley). Along with the economic centers Zurich, Munich and Stuttgart, the southern most German economic area is of considerable importance. The quality of life and many recreational opportunities continuously attract highly-qualified and skilled employees to the lake enriching numerous small and medium sized companies as well as the local large industries. Thus innovation and growth are ensured for the long term. This also leads to the best conditions for implementing technological potential in new niche areas and growth markets. Furthermore, the geographical situation in the tri-border area is most advantageous. It gives the company access to the southern European and the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia economic areas and means that the location has an enormous advantage with regard to mobility.


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The company, Plattenhardt and Wirth GmbH, was founded on July 1st, 1965 by Kurt Plattenhardt and Paul Wirth in Meckenbeuren-Reute. In the beginning the company produced refrigeration rooms and acoustic rooms. Later, due to seasonal fluctuations, they accepted orders for small steel constructions and pipes. Because of this separate department, an internal spin-off took place. In the end the company P+W Metallbau was founded on January 1st, 1983. The focus of this company was the manufacture of stainless steel components and smaller hoppers made of stainless steel and aluminium. Because of its expanded business activities and the production of even larger silos as well as a constantly growing customer base, the company moved to its current property in the Ehrlosen industrial park. The building and the new production tower were designed so that it was possible to begin with the construction of larger and taller silos.


Today P+W Metallbau, a medium-sized owner managed company, comprises a team of more than 100 employees who together generate an annual turnover of about € 20 million. Anually we produce about 500 silos and containers with diameters of up to Ø 6,000 and heights of 30,000 mm. Silos with larger dimensions are not assembled in our plant but on site. The company premises consist of 40,000 m² including 3 production halls and two impressive production towers. We use only the most modern computer-aided production techniques for the fabrication of containers and silos. Our TÜV (technical inspection agency) and DVS (German welding association) certified welders and technicians do everything necessary to meet the demanding and highly specialised requirements of our customers.


It is our aim to continually respond to the needs and wishes of our customers in the future. Thus we see ourselves primarily as a partner. This means that we work together closely with our customers. For P+W Metallbau partnership means: to understand you, to offer support in all decisions, to develop conceptual solutions, to transform your requirements into a workable and economic concept. Understand – Design – Plan – Implement. High quality silo facilities produced by P+W Metallbau mean: efficiency and innovation: therefore the economically correct decision for your storage concept.

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