BUNTING Magnetics Co.

For over 50 years, Bunting® has established itself as an industry-leading manufacturer in several product lines. The company, headquartered in Newton, KS, has six major locations including our Magnet Materials Division in Elk Grove Village, Illinois; our Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd. manufacturing operation in Berkhamsted, England, Magnet Applications, Inc. facility in Dubois, Pennsylvania, our purchasing office for Bunting China located in Ningbo, China and our official licensee in Boronia Victoria, Australia, Alpha Magnetics Pty Ltd.

Since our founding, we have been solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers of everything from paper towels and cardboard boxes to automobiles, plastic housewares, food products, and electronic equipment.
In 1979, we moved our manufacturing operations from Chicago, Illinois, to Newton, Kansas. But we continue to maintain warehouse and mail order service in Chicago to streamline order handling and speed distribution.
Our Newton facility is where our design and manufacturing engineers work with the latest computer-aided design equipment to develop new products and to adapt existing products for special applications.
We are constantly seeking new ways in which magnetic products can provide the industries we serve with more efficient production techniques. The science that we apply offers an economical, permanent energy source. We believe that it will play an increasingly important role in our nation’s future – in contributing to the increased efficiency so vital in competitive world markets.
Our first 50 years has been a profile in growth and innovation. Now and in the future, we are striving to keep improving and build upon the legacy.

To be the leading manufacturer of magnetic equipment.

Profitable growth through the creative application of magnetic technology and complementary products and services, ensuring the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service
We will be driven by the needs of our customers, and build a team of magnetic industry experts skilled in creating solutions to customer applications. Our goal is to be recognized as the magnet industry master of personalized service and excellence in quality.
We will always be a world-class facility, using the latest in technology to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace, maximizing productivity and promoting product development.

Corporate Climate
We will strive to create an atmosphere conducive to emotional, intellectual, and professional development. We expect hard work and quality workmanship, and will reward people that show that they have excelled in their area of responsibility.
Employee Development
People are the Company’s most valuable asset. We will hire quality people and support them so they, and the Company, can achieve their full potential.

We will develop relationships through honesty, sincerity and skill in a spirit of cooperation and communication.
We will provide a clean and safe work environment.

Community Involvement
We will improve our ability to attract high-quality candidates for employment by building a positive Company image in the community, and be recognized as a Company that treats their employees with respect, pays fair wages, and is an enjoyable place to work. We will support and participate in community activities when possible.


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