Manual discharging station

Станция растаривания сырья

Sysmetric provides mobile silo loading stations that can be fitted to a wide range of pumps for different loads.
Loading Systems for Big-Bags
The Sysmetric silo loading systems can be incorporated with an automatic unloading 25 kg sack systems that have no need for human contact.
Silo Farm Supervision
The Sysmetric silo material identification system ensures correct silo loading and prevents silos being loaded with the wrong material.
Optional material level and quantity measurement via laser sensors or strain gauges.
SiloMan, a module of the Sysmetric "Vision MES" software can be installed on a local computer and incorporated into the factory ERP. 
  • Mobile silo loading station with rotary valve
  • Range of loading pumps and loading blowers for different loading capacities
  • Blower range 20-50HP with loading capacity up to 14Ton/Hour *
  • Loading system for different material sources such as big-bags, containers, sacks or directly from a tanker truck
  • Features


  • Take-off box at the silo’s gate with air regulated suction outlets provides excellent material flow
  • Material level sensors
  • ø50-150mm aluminum or stainless steel pipes
  • Stainless steel arches with large radius to ensure excellent material flow (750mm radius)
  • Manual manifold change-over for easy and flexible connection between any material sources and any machine
  • Optional Vision MES Silo Software Module – PC control on material stock
  • Optional laser measurement system for silo capacity monitoring
  • Optional Vision MES Material Identification software to monitor the manifold connections
  • Optional automatic manifold change-over