The Big Bag is the preferred quality solution for transport, storage and transit of bulk materials, like foodstuffs and products for the building, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Flexxobags are also used as flood protection and for other environmental applications. Flexxolutions has over 30 years of experience in producing Big Bags, both in standard versions and custom-made products. All Flexxobag models and shapes are made on customers´ specifications and many types are kept in stock in order to be able to quickly react on changing market requirements.


  • Flexxobag:quality assurance by design and production under direct management;
  • Safety design according to NEN-EN 1898 is standard, or CEN/ISO, British Standard and UN requirements;
  • Safety factors of 5:1, 6:1 and 8:1 are possible, SWL (safe working load) of 500 - 2.500 kg;
  • Type Super; big bag dustproof without liner;
  • Type Stabilon®; big bag super dustproof, form retaining, square, optimum working load;
  • Type Filtration; big bag with special PE and PES fabrics for wet and dry filtration;
  • Type Inliner; big bag with PE/PP inliner; detachable, sewn of glued.